Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Bells - Reception Ideas

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I've been putting off the details of my wedding for quite some time now because I can't stand to spend so much money at once! I'm incredibly frugal and at times it pains me to view a receipt after buying something out of pure desire - even if it costs $2.00.

But, the clock is ticking and my wedding date is getting closer and closer with each passing day. December 18, 2010 is the big date and I'm getting married to Troy, my boyfriend of 6 years in Swisher, IA. 


Today I e-mailed several pictures to our florist who just happens to also be the wife of my future hubby's cousin. As you can tell I'm going for an "earthy" look. However, the flowers will be made of silk, not paper and the table will be covered in linens owned by the reception hall.

The flowers for my reception will be a mixture of white and dark blue and well, any other "earthy" colors that match. 

I'm also planning on making several dark blue votive candles by hand. I have tons of jelly jars I previously purchased for my Etsy shop but the wax was having problems adhering to the them so I never put them up for sale. I guess it was fate because now I'm going to put all of the blue votives I make into those jars. It should make a pretty, country style decoration.


I'm not planning on buying a wedding cake. Have you seen the prices for a wedding cake? Ridiculous! lol I intend on having a few different types of pie as well as a variety of deserts available for my guests. It's cheaper, yummier and different. :) 

Ignore the sunflowers in this picture. I've never liked sunflowers. :) Just picture - blue and white flowers. 

Oh! Looking at that pie just made me hungry. Gotta run - or eat!


Benibulous said...

Your wedding plans are wonderful and it will be utterly blissful - believe me. I went through the whole insane thing too, but it was so, so worth it and a great celebration!

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