Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Going Nuts!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am going NUTS in so many ways it's insane. First, the little B.B. pellet sized lump under the skin of my right arm has now migrated to another area of my arm. It has also made a few friends. Now I have clusters of B.B. pellet sized lumps under my skin. I have officially gone insane and I will continue to go bonkers because I'm the laziest person in the world when it comes to making a doctors appointment. That, and I don't really have the money to spend.

On another crazy lady note: I was briefly jumping up and down in my apartment because a company from Missouri contacted me offering a consignment opportunity. Unfortunately I ended up refusing it because in reality I wouldn't be able to make any substantial profit from it. It truly sucks because I was really looking forward to moving on up!

Too bad so sad right?

Well, the lovely picture depicting my current status in life is a decal made by Etsy shop seller, Vinylville.
The shop is: www.vinylville.etsy.com


Casey McArdle Photography said...

Aww it's a shame you had to decline the consignment op! I was also recently asked to sell some of my products (gift cards, postcards, bookmarks) at a local farm but once you do the discounts and everything for the wholesale prices you're basically only making enough to cover the costs of your materials!

It sucks - I'd love to find some places willing to sell my products for a good price - something like 80% me, 20% them - haha greedy I know but that's all I can afford to give away!!

I hope another opportunity comes your way again soon, you deserve it!!

Turtle Bead said...

Yea I know! I'm so bummed out about it. I'm not sure how people do it - especially people like us who make their items by hand. After all the time it takes, the costs and then shipping the stuff to the store, you really don't make anything at all.

But I'm sure we'll both find something in the future! :D

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