Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moldy Claims

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Care to have mold on your food? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

Well that was my fancy experience yesterday after receiving food from Salvemini's Kitchen, an "A" rated restaurant. What a delight right? You can read what happened yesterday here.

Like I said before, ratings don't mean jack. But as I spoke to the head chef today at 1:05pm, he insisted that his restaurant has an "A" rating. Some "A" rating! I suppose I should expect moldy food at all of these so called "A" rated restaurants from now on. Oh but the pizza didn't have mold on it he said. Pizza? What Pizza? I threw away that pizza after ingesting their moldy chocolate mousse cake. Who in the world would eat anything else from that establishment after going through what I went through?

And before I forget here's the funniest tidbit of all this madness: Before I spoke to the head chef I asked to speak to the manager. The girl that answered the phone said he wasn't there and that he rarely is due to the fact that he also runs another business. Hmm, the negligence makes a little bit of sense to me now.

Ok, back to the head chef. He apologized and said that the staff should have looked over the chocolate mousse cake before they gave it to me. Sorry brother, an apology isn't going to cut it this time. He was a bit surprised by my reply. I could tell he was also frustrated by his tone of voice. I told him I wanted my money back for the entire order. Before he agreed he offered me credit. Credit? lol Why in the hell would I want to have credit there? I would never, ever buy anything from that restaurant/pizzeria/mold dispenser in my life again!

Eventually he agreed to return my money and said he would send someone over tomorrow. I'm not sure why this couldn't be done today but I'm guessing they have to talk this over with the manager that doesn't seem to exist.

The good news is I received a reply from the email I sent to Environmental Health regarding Salvemini's Italian Kitchen and they asked for the address. That's a good sign. Hopefully someone looks into it. Hopefully that "A" will become what it actually deserves to be. I wonder if justice actually does exist? Hmm...

Mold Health Update: My throat started to hurt yesterday. It feels sore and hurts whenever I swallow.


Amy said...

That is SO disgusting! I have a mold horror story too. We went over to someone's house and I was helping her get dessert ready. She was having ice cream with blueberries. She gets out the berries, and they are MOLDY! I said, Oh well, just the ice cream will be good. She said that mold doesn't hurt anyone, and rinsed them off and dished them out for us. I didn't want to be rude, but COME ON! I took a little bite and thought I was going to barf. Fortunately, she went into the kitchen for something and I scooped them all into my napkin. Ick! ...Amy (Bella...etsy)

Turtle Bead said...

lol That must have been so awkward! lol What was she thinking? I would never eat mold voluntarily. haha ;). You can get a little sick from it. I got a sore throat for about a day or two. It went away and as you can see I didn't die but I would never want to go through that again. Just knowing that I ate that makes me sick to my stomach.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

well, it's good that you're getting your money back. but what i don't understand is, the restaurant industry is a SERVICE industry. if something isn't right, you do your very best to make it right! it's a pretty clear-cut issue.

maybe a little visit from the health inspector will tweak his attitude...

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