Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Treasury East - Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Etsy Shop Seller, FlashForward featured me in a wonderful serene treasury titled, "Peaceful, Easy Feeling." Head over the the treasury and leave a comment!

The following shops were featured in this treasury: JulieMagersSoulen, jessjamesjake, TBead, PiperBlue, PhotoGrunt, JamboChameleon, cassieart, leapinggazelle, TheSilverDog, danaspin, CocoaBeans, alatsupplies, TwoSugarBabies, theeye, bayanhippo and LettucePress.

After you check out the treasury be sure to take a peak at FlashFoward's shop. She has a variety of stunning photographs for you to display on your wall. Here are a few of my favorties:

Remember to Click it, heart it, cart it and buy it! Tell your friends! 


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I just bought a great beading book. I highly recommend it to any bead lover. I posted the link

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