Saturday, May 8, 2010

Woohoo! I'm a winner!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I never win anything. But somehow these past few days luck has come my way. I've participated in a few giveaways and I won the gold baby! lol I'm such a nerd.

I'm extremely lucky to be the winner of a giveaway by Huzzah! Vintage. They sell vintage dresses, hats and blouses. They truly have beautiful finds. You should check out their shop today!

I won an eye catching, vintage 1980's reptile leather envelope clutch. Jealous much? :P


But wait folks, there's more. I also won a Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream by fellow Etsian, Ethereal Beginnings. She sells lotions, butters, creams, perfumes, spritzers, body wash, shaving concotions, bubble baths, bath salts and loads more.

Etsy Shop:

So what's the lesson in all this? Start participating in giveaways! You never know what you'll win! How about starting with the giveaway I'm currently having on my blog? Go to: FotoTale Giveaway


Kraxpelax said...

Cute demon up left!

My spine was thwistled, did blood soundly teem.
I think we had some subtle kind of meeting.
Or was it nothing but an eerie dream
of being, everyday, which means: just fleeting.

Purposefully romantic interlude?
All of a sudden I saw Katie hover!
losing herself in virtuous Altitude
to nothing; what as real was here to cover?

Said Katie then: "I lost you out of sight.
Cool down, get numb to me! Be not too busy,
at hand, my soul is back again in light
where is it? lost then? I'm your sissy

and nothing else. In Love, what mindful point,
what flight? I'd rather have another joint."

My English Poetry

- Peter Ingstad, Sweden

Turtle Bead said...

hmmm...giveaways inspire you to write poetry? lol interesting!

Anika said...

Jealous?? A bit.

Turtle Bead said...

haha ;) I'm telling you, participating in giveaways is the way to go!

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