Saturday, May 22, 2010

Introducing the Furry Babies

Saturday, May 22, 2010
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I own the cutest little furry babies in the world. I know, I know...everyone says that about their pets but seriously, it's true. Unfortunately both my doggie fur balls are feeling under the weather.

First, I'll introduce you to the oh so healthy, tuxedo DLH, fur ball. This is Chance. I rescued him about 4 years ago. You see, I used to work at a shady animal hospital and one day someone brought an entire litter of kittens. They were boarded. Each day one kitten would die. I don't know what the hospital staff was doing, if they were doing anything. Eventually Chance was the only one left. I couldn't stand it. I went to investigate. I knew something was up the minute I saw they were feeding the cats hard food. They were too small to eat that type of food. Chance was clearly malnourished. I took him out of his cage and gave him a real home. I gave him my home. He's been with me ever since and as you can tell -- he's alive. I didn't feed him hard food for a long time. I fed him wet food mixed with water through a syringe.  He also drank water from a syringe. If these so called vets and technicians would have taken the time to notice, well...anything, they would have quickly figured out what the problem was. In the end, they were the problem.

He's been doing extremely well. He's a sweet cat and he loves attention. Well maybe not that much attention but he'll let you know just what he wants when he wants it. We hug it out every day.

This little ragamuffin is Lola. She's a maltese. She's also the middle child and the love of my life (sorry Troy - that's my fiance'.) I would do anything for all my furry ones but I think I'd really go the distance for this tiny thing. She doesn't have a big story. We purchased her from a local breeder because we wanted Chance to have a companion and we also wanted a dog. Correction, I wanted a dog. I pestered Troy into getting her for about a year and it worked! He loves her just as much as I do. He has no reason to complain. Who wouldn't love her? She's incredibly sweet, kind and affectionate. She's very social and she adores me! haha ;)

She's been sniffling and sneezing for about a week. She doesn't have a fever and she's the same old, Lola so I'm not that worried. Still, I don't like to see her feeling bad. We took her and her little brother, Bear to the vet today because Bear caught whatever Lola has this morning.

The vet gave us antibiotics and sent us on our way. Hopefully it helps.

The littlest monkey is Bear. He just finished his jail sentence. He's no longer wearing an E-collar. Don't worry, it was nothing serious. He was recently neutered. 

Troy and I adopted Bear from, believe it or not, Craigslist. Someone was unable to take care of him financially so we took him. He was teeny tiny when we first brought him home. I believe he was around 8 weeks. Don't ask me what breed he is. I haven't got a clue. I was told his mother was a maltese but I know a maltese when I see one and he does not resemble one at all.

This one is a serious trouble maker. He drives me bonkers every single day. I'm still getting to know him so I don't know all of his odd, lovable traits but I do know he's obsessed with chew sticks and he loves getting belly rubs.

As far as being sick goes, he's really not that sick. I heard him sneeze 3 or 4 times. 


Art and Clasp said...

I love pet posts! I have my own fur-baby, after reading this I think he'll have to star in a blog post soon :) Hope yours are feeling all better soon!

Turtle Bead said...

Thank you! You should write about your pets! People love animals. I'm sure it will get loads of views. I can't wait to read it :D.

Jenn/Neico's Knots said...

Hee! The first photo startled me a bit. I was like, "Wait, what's a picture of MY cat doing on someone else's blog??" Your Chance and my Penny are identical :)

When Chance was a little kitten was he a complete myriad of different colors? Penny was, so it was quite a shock to watch her grow to the gorgeous girl she is today.

Sorry for blabbing... love my kids too!

Anika said...

Ohhh my, what cute little sweethearts!

Turtle Bead said...

Jenn/Neico's Knots: lol That's amazing that Penny's hair changed color. I've never seen that happen before. Tell her she's very unique for me! lol You should include a post of your pets. People love animals. I'm sure it will get you more traffic.

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