Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who the heck are you?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I suppose an introduction is in order. Bare with me, I'm the cheesiest person in the world so if I write something completely ridiculous just give me the benefit of the doubt.

My name is Denisse Sangiovanni. I'm what you call a jack-of-all-trades. I love anything that is remotely creative and I've been dancing to the beat of my own drum since I was a wee girl. No.I'm not Irish I just like the word wee.

I suppose my mother, Nilka Pellerano, introduced me to the art of handmade items. When I was little, she used to sell dolls made of Porcelanicron. They were very beautiful and she would spend hours up on hours on just one little doll. I always admired her dedication and I believe it kept her spirits up at a time in her life when things were starting to turn upside down.

She hasn't made a doll in many years but they remain around her house like remnants of the past. I regret not learning how to make those dolls. It would have been something nice to pass along to my future children. I doubt she remembers how to make them and since she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I would hate to trouble her with such a trivial task. The memory is sufficient and the impact has already been made.

Since then I've been involved in creating several different forms of media. I'm a singer/songwriter and I also make and sell my own music, jewelry and Soy candles. You can visit my Etsy shop at www.tbead.etsy.com and if you're interested in listening to my music you can go to www.cdbaby.com/afterglomusic.

I consider myself very fortunate. I've always thought that making money doing something you love is extremely important. It can change your entire outlook on life. I used to work in the corporate world and it sucked the life out of me. But my life took a turn that I did not anticipate and it lead me towards the right path. Now, I pay my bills working as a Production Assistant for commercials and music videos. I don't make that much money but I actually smile when I go to work and that says a lot in itself.

That's enough about me. I can bore you to death with details. For now, I hope this glimpse into my psyche will suffice. Now go make something!

*By the way, that hunk in the picture is my fiance :D


Suse said...

YAY! Denisse!!! So exciting...your own blog...so following you here! Crazy girl...love it!

Turtle Bead said...

lol. Maybe that should be the heading - "crazy girl." lol ;) Thank you for the support! I can't wait to have you featured on here! I have to gather more "followers." I liked it when it used to be - friends. lol Not followers!

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