Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Amazing, Casey McArdle

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's no mystery that I'm completely and utterly in love with this kangaroo. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with that face? He's irresistible! :P

In all honesty my admiration is dedicated to the artist behind the lense. Casey Mcardle, is a self taught, 19 year old photographer. She has a shop on Etsy, and if you haven't seen her work it's time you put everything down and head on over to her shop & her website.

These are her words:

"My name is Casey and I'm a 19 year old photographer from Brisbane, Australia, with a passion for photography in all shapes and forms. My love for photography took off when I studied a short photography course in my senior year of high school and I haven't looked back since! At first, I took all of my photographs using a standard hand held camera, though during my summer break last year, I saved up enough money to purchase my first DSLR.

I absolutely love being able to provide people with unique fine art that will be hung on people's walls and treasured for a lifetime. Over the coming months, I plan on adding a wide range of new photography items such as gift cards, note books, key chains and much more!"

Etsy Shop:


Christie Cottage said...

What a wonderful photo!

I hope you enjoy a great day!

Casey McArdle Photography said...

Awww thanks so much for this feature!! You're so lovely!!!

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